I no longer feel frazzled and overwhelmed

I have known Kelly for over a year now working with her on 3 projects. It's amazing how accurate she has been on all 3 occasions.

Kelly worked on our home completing a Feng Shui Flying Star report. After she completed the report I waited with anticipation ready to implement her suggestions albeit being a little scared of what she came up with. Once I delved into her suggestions I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. The biggest thing that had to be changed was our 'wealth' sector, which was located in an unused, overgrown, weedy, dark, ugly courtyard that we never ventured into.

We set to work to transform the ugliest area of our home into what we now call our 'Zen garden'. The transformation was totally amazing. The area is so peaceful, lush and green. The breeze in summer whilst sitting out there with our 'survivor' lanterns is pure bliss. I had even ostracised the dog to another area of the yard as I didn't want him pooping in my zen garden! Kelly said he was allowed to roam in and around the area to keep the energy flowing. The positive energy in the courtyard was instant.

After we made the recommended changes within the home you could feel the subtle changes immediately and my 'wealth' has definitely improved.

I was amazed by changing a few subtle things the feel of my home improved dramatically, and to my relief there were no red and gold faux trinkets anywhere to be seen!

I was so thrilled with the result of Kelly's Feng Shui consultation, I had Kelly complete a Land Healing on my cafe that I was having trouble selling. Again the things she advised that were blocking the sale were so accurate and the cafe sold shortly after.

I have been so impressed with Kelly's skills and advice that she has just completed a Land Healing on my new cafe that will open in the coming weeks. Again she was 150% accurate, it is like she can read my mind! Kelly's healing has removed any doubts and blocks that I was struggling with. I am now excited about the new venture and what it has install for me since the Land Healing.

Feng shui is not magic or some whoop whoop B.S. I have found Feng Shui to offer a variety of practical ideas to implement in my home and life which now is perfectly balanced. I no longer feel frazzled and overwhelmed on a long term basis as I did before. The relationship I have with my husband is wonderful, my children are happy and we don't have any money concerns! Life is great!

Kelly is totally amazing and well worth the investment. Kelly is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She continually enhances her skills by attending workshops to increase her wisdom.

I highly recommend Kelly and the Feng Shui experience.

Evelyn - Gold Coast, Queensland

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