I feel strong. I feel excited. I feel positive.

Kelly, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A little background: 

Hubby and I first got interested in Feng Shui in 1997 when we went to Hong Kong and while on a shopping tour, the guide talked about Feng Shui and the buildings designs and what it all means. When we arrived back home, I started looking into it and had a few small successes with moving things around and placing some little cures here and there. I've tried to implement it ever since but lately have found myself being quite slack so decided to ask for some help. 

I don't know how I came across The Feng Shui Girl - maybe you popped up in my Facebook newsfeed? Anyway, I started following Kelly on Facebook and when I decided I needed help to FS the house we're in (so we can get out of it!), I emailed Kelly.

After talking with Kelly, we decided that since we weren't in our forever house, a land healing might help. I'd never heard of this but thought it sounded like a plan. We needed something! I felt I had lost myself. At the beginning of last year I'd been attacked about my business and had made myself sick enough to end up in hospital on painkillers and antibiotics. After this, my passion and enthusiasm for everything just left me. Everything that was happening, or wasn't happening, was because of me and my feelings. I was in a rut and needed some major help.

I was so excited when the postman arrived with the parcel from Kelly. Hubby and I waited until the next evening to walk around the grounds of our house, soaking the essences into the earth and saying positive affirmations as we went. With every essence put into the earth, I felt lighter and lighter. It was so weird. When we'd finished, hubby hosed off the house while I went inside and lit the frankincense that Kelly had included in every room . What an amazing smell! We were all fascinated with how the smoke just sort of hung in the air.

For the next two nights things were weird. It was like I could sense things moving around in the dark. Totally freaked me out. I also made some decisions about my business and the way I ran it. It was like someone had slapped me on the forehead and said "Der!" I implemented those changes straight away. I received some resistance and anger from a subcontracted employee, for which I feel sorry for, but I am not sorry for making the right decision for my business, for me and ultimately my family.

Kelly asked me how I feel now. I feel strong. I feel excited. I feel positive. I feel as though I'm back and I can do anything. I found my life's mojo again and I am unstoppable!

So Kelly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When we move into our forever home, I will be in contact again for a land healing and to FS the property. 

Tanya xxx

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