A subtle yet substantial shift.

I have been a Doctor of Chinese Medicine for over 16 years. I am passionate about well being. Feng Shui, I just love.

I have recently moved into a new house and have been thoroughly enjoying renovating my new abode.

Kelly has been a long time friend and client. Kelly, The Feng Shui Girl visited our home & room by room assessed the 'energy' of each room.

I was then given a to do list and action plan as a few areas needed to change to improve the health & harmony of our home.

Since then, we have experienced a subtle yet substantial shift. We are absolutely loving the great flow of energy in our home.

Thank you for inspiring me to get on with the renovations and to fix anything broken!

New colour schemes, new beginnings and I'm excited about all future adventures. Thank you Kelly.

I would definitely recommend your service to anyone looking at creating flow and conscious happy & healthy environments!


Registered Dr. Chinese Medicine

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