Getting your home Sold!!!

Question: What's the best thing to do when selling a home? 
I LOVE helping my clients get their home ready for sale, it may have something to do with my previous career - selling homes for 15 years! This is a little pic of me when I purchased my home, I was so excited and I still love my little home today as much as I did that day putting up the sold sticker! 
These are my must do tips; 
1.) Declutter every room, and once you've done that, do it again! That's right, your home will look like a display home, like nobody lives there and that is exactly what we are wanting to achieve. Take all of the 'stuff' off your fridge, get rid of your family photos and don't leave mops, brooms and junk lying around - if you don't have a cupboard for them, put them in your car prior to any inspections and take them with you. We don't want prospective purchasers to see that your home is short of storage and we definitely don't want them to be too busy checking out your family photos and not paying attention to your home. 
2.) Remove any large pieces of furniture such as hall stands, bulky armchairs, anything that is oversized. You may have anywhere between 15 to 50 people walking  through your home at once during inspection times and we definitely don't want your home to feel sqweezy.... Less is more! 
3.) Give your gardens are make over. Your garden is key in attracting not only positive Qi but a great sale price too! Plant some colourful blooms and green your grass up as best you can. Don't forget your nature strip (and if your neighbours nature strips are looking a little untidy, mow theirs too!) 
4.) Everything must be sparkling clean and I'm talking about everything. Yes! People will look in your draws, cupboards even your fridge (I know... Fridge???...?) so make sure that your home is immaculately clean. Everyone has a different idea of 'clean' investing in professional cleaners is a great idea. 
5.) If possible, place the For Sale board on the right hand side of the property (if looking at the front door.) This is the Yang side of the home and will help create interest and activity in your home. 
6.) Write a letter to the new 'owners' (this is a law of attraction practice.) Tell them how much you've enjoyed living in the home, let them know any quirks the home may have, what day the rubbish bins need to go out and even which are your favourite take away venues. By doing this you are energetically disconnecting from your home. 
7.) Invest in a 'Sold Trinity' from The Feng Shui


Get rid of that negative mojo


Does your home feel not quite right? The energy feels stifled and not flowing?

If this resonates with you, head to your local new age store and purchase two or three sage sticks. Sage is fantastic at clearing negative energy.


Feng Shui and Wealth


The most common question I get is "I want to make more money, where is my wealth sector?"

When I visit a clients home, many have placed water features or money symbols in the South-East corner of their home as that's where they believe their wealth sector is - that's what they've read on the net!


No tV Equals New Me!


Three months ago I made the decision to give my television away. I realised I was wasting so much time ‘watching’ programs that really were of no interest and only dulled my vibration and energy (really… how many more TV series can there be about Terrorism and hatred in the world?) And then I happened to stumble across two American guys called The Minimalists They were travelling around the world holding talks about living a minimalistic life and as luck would have it they were holding a talk in South Melbourne!!!! (It was meant to be…) So off I went and stood in a packed, hot hall with a few hundred other people and listened to these two Americans talk about how getting rid of ‘stuff’ has changed their lives for the better. I was converted.

So ‘The Idiot Box’ as my Father affectionately calls it, was removed the following day. Friends and colleagues were shocked; they couldn’t believe that I had given away my TV!!!! They wanted to know how was I going to cope? What would I do? How would I know what is going on in the world?


Robin Williams


I love watching any movie that Robin Williams stars in. When I think of Robin I picture that scene in Mrs Doubtfire where his boobs are on fire, it makes me smile just thinking about it. He was an amazing talent. Why would a man who seemed to have everything want to end his own life? Lets have a look at the Feng Shui of Robin’s home in Tiburon, California where he took his life and maybe that can lead us to some answers. 


Feng Shui tips for selling your home


According to Feng Shui the front door is THE most inportant area of your house as it represents your future. Ensure that the door is clean and in good repair. Make sure that there aren’t any cracks in the glass panels and that the security door hasn’t any damaged wiring. Also, if you have the space, have something flanking either side of the front door, such as two pots of lush, healthy plants and flowers. 


Flowers and Feng Shui


Fresh flowers have a positive effect on the energy in your home however you must ensure that they are thrown out before they start dying.

Artificial flowers are also fine providing that they aren't dirty and dusty and losing their colour.


What image is hanging behind your bed?

KI bedroom

In Feng Shui it is believed that the image that is above your head where you sleep is what you manifest into the world. 


Is the number four really that unlucky???

number 4

Most of us are aware that the Chinese try to avoid the number four - whether it be a house or apartment number, phone number or even a vehicle number plate. The reason being is that the word 'four' sounds like the word 'death' in Cantonese. 

It is not uncommon to see hotels or apartment blocks in Hong Kong and China where there isn't a 4th or 14th floor. There are even examples of the 13th floor also missing due to Western tradition - making the floor after the 12th the 15th!!!


Should you Feng Shui your hair? Charlize does!!!


It seems that A list celebrities are not only huge advocates of using Feng Shui in their homes but also using the same Feng Shui


Yin Houses

Yin House

The best way to describe a Yin house is to remember back when you were young, walking home from school with your friends and you'd walk past the 'haunted scary' house. The house that had the overgrown garden and dirty windows and more than likely a large front fence - that is a Yin house.

Inner city apartment blocks could also be Yin deficient as they generally have small windows due to council building regulations to do with overlooking/privacy of a neighbouring property. 


Yang Houses

Yang House

Glass houses are very on-trend at the moment. Pick up any living magazine and you will see page after page of open plan homes with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking a huge swimming pool or a designer outdoor entertaining area. These homes look fantastic however they are horrible to live in (I know, I tried it out for myself!)

How do you know if you are living in a Yang house? If the percentage of windows to walls exceeds 30% of your home, you are living in what I call an excessively Yang home.


Mirrors in Bedrooms


 It is quite fashionable to have a mirrored wardrobe or to have a beautiful mirror hanging in your bedroom as it creates space and light. However if you can see your reflection in the mirror whilst lying in bed it is considered bad feng shui.

The reason behind this theory is that the traditional Chinese believe that our souls leave our bodies when we sleep and return when we wake up (could explain dreaming??) Having a mirror reflecting our body causes confusion for the soul and doesn’t know which body it should return to. This may result in the occupant feeling tired and unrested even through they have had plenty of sleep.